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Objectif 49 Films

Named after the French film society formed by the esteemed critic Andre Bazin that included film directors Francois Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard, Objectif 49 Films is an independent film production company based in Omaha, Nebraska. Founded by award-winning filmmaker Jim Fields,Objectif 49 Films is dedicated to making thought-provoking and entertaining independent films and documentaries with limited budgets that will appeal to a world-wide audience through distribution in cinemas, video on demand/streaming, and blu-ray/dvd.

Director Jim Fields

Jim Fields

Director, Producer, Writer, Editor
A native of Omaha, Nebraska, Jim is a lifelong film enthusiast and self-taught independent filmmaker. His early films are documentaries, including the award-winning 416 (Best Feature and Audience Award Winner, 2005 Central Nebraska Film Festival, Best Documentary, 2004 Hardacre Film Festival, and Second Place Documentary Winner, 2005 Fargo Film Festival), which is about Nebraska’ amendment 416, one of the earliest bans of same sex marriage to be put in a state constitution and the efforts to overturn it. Additional documentaries include Preserve Me a Seat, which is about the efforts to save classic movie theatres throughout America, and Bugeaters (Best Documentary, 2011 Estes Park Film Festival), which is about the first decade of Nebraska football. Fields’ first feature film, Flyover Country, was released to positive reviews in 2013. He is currently working on his second independent feature film, "Life After Ex," which is a comedy/drama about gay divorce.

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