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Bugeaters is an award-winning documentary about the early days of Nebraska football, focusing on the first decade of college football in the state (1890-1900), when the team was known as “The Bugeaters.” Using interviews, dramatic recreations, and animation, Bugeaters shows the origins of the most popular sport in Nebraska in a factual and entertaining way.

“High on detail and stylistic re-enactment, this film is a fun historical record for University of Nebraska fanatics and a nice educational diversion for football fans in general.”
-Mark Bell, Film Threat

“For Husker fans, Bugeaters is a must see, a fine companion piece to the series of Nebraska football documentaries done over the years by NET Television.”
-L. Kent Wolgamott, Lincoln Journal Star

Flyover Country

Flyover Country is a comedy-drama about life in the Midwest. Todd and Russ, two twenty-something college students, meet in a contemporary English literature class. Soon they become good friends, but that friendship is tested once Russ finds out that Todd is openly gay. In addition, their lives become more complicated when all of Russ’s family and friends begin to believe that Russ is also gay. Things don’t go well for Todd either once his religious conservative sister and family find out the truth about his sexual orientation. Surrounded by polarized family and friends, Russ and Todd’s paths continue to cross as they both search for a better life in Flyover Country. Featuring a vibrant cast, Flyover Country is an entertaining depiction of the social struggles facing all generations today in the heartland of America.

“Sets a new standard about gay life away from Metropolitan areas.”
-Amos Lassen, Cinema Blend

“A treasure trove of touching moments” that “brilliantly succeeds in depicting one man’s struggle to come to terms with the sexual calling of his heart”
-David Hall, Gay Celluloid

“Does a solid job of tracking two lives and giving us a glimpse of the complex ties inherent in living an openly gay lifestyle in the Midwest.”
-Mark Bell, Film Threat

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